40 finalists

Basketball tout terrain by Cisse

Perdidos en el Gobi by Luca Aimi

 Point by Bahram Bayat

Projection Ilusoire by Adeola Bambe

Stand together by Nikolay Doychinov

Joie de vivre by Christian Barbe

The ring of change by Helton B. Balairos

Silivine Mukangamije by Chris Cardoza

Look up by Aeson Baldevia

Basketball for all by Yahya Hejazy 

Basketball by Hasrullah Arifin

Basketball longing by Leyla Emektar

Yes, we can dream and we can win by Claudio Brito da Silva

Heritage by Mr Supriya Biswas

A spec of imagination by Ismail Folaranmi Odetola

Teammates by Lin Ting-An

Young girl in Mali going for the shot by Arno Stevens

Basketball in the sunset by Sten Klein

Handing over the ball to the next generation by Norclor

Оn the other side by Viktor Kudryakov

Basketball in Havana by Maria Plotnikova

Basketball in a Guatemalan village by Maria

Team by PAPE

The joy of the champions by David Titz

Game Changer by Mr. Sourav Karmakar

The road starts here by Jeja

Worlds collide by Onvisa Thewphaingarmm

 Andrzej Kubik

Kids playing basketball in a rural area. by Joel

Dominar la zona by Jose Cintas Albiol

After hard work by Jaime Sumugat Singlador

Hoop for hope by Danilo O. Victoriano Jr.

Play basketball with real friends by Emerson V. Catindoy

Respect by Roxanne Paraiso

Rêve by Ndriantody Jacques Ammun

A game from the Air by Magdalena Strakova

The Cage by Owen Harvey

Night and basketball by Milad Haddadiyan

Mi Talento III by Nereida Castro

Basketball is faith by Bruno Gallardo