Changing Lives

Archana Banu, 16, a slum dweller from a very poor family takes pillion ride gets coaching from Anita Roy basketball training center in Kolkata, India. Archana, a school drop-out girl from conservative Muslim family is a very talented basketball player who already played sub-junior national basketball championship. Archana's mother works as a maid servant and her father runs a tailoring shop at Sheoraphuli, about 38 kms from the city Kolkata, while her only brother is a drug-addict. Her coach Anita Roy, 58, is a National level basketball player, devotes almost whole of her life for upliftment of women basketball players in West Bengal, the eastern state of India. For last 32 years she coaches, trains young talented underprivileged girls mostly from slums area. Since 1987, she trained more than 200 girls in the field of basketball spending money from her monthly salary to support these girls. In India cricket, followed by football are the most popular sports and sports like Basketball rarely gets Governmental support.