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Alberto Nevado Piqueras, age 45

Alberto has more than 22 years of experience as a professional photographer, he has worked for several newspapers such as Marca, Editorial America, and in the magazine Gigantes. With extensive experience in running television cameras. Alberto has also worked for various sports media such as TeleMadrid and Canal +.

His career as a photographer has been very wide, covering different areas such as; artistic photography, journalistic, sports and so as mandates with different agencies of professional models.

In 2013, Alberto was hired by the Spanish Basketball Federation to cover not only al the events organized by it, but also the humanitarian actions led by the Foundation of the FEB

Alberto has two photo exhibitions in his career such as; "Puerta Toledo" and "Galileo Galilei" both organized in the city of Madrid. In 2017, he participated in the first photography contest organized by the FIBA Foundation, the IBF. With his picture "Illusion" Alberto won the first place in a selection of over 800 participating photos.


Mirco CUSSIGH, 57, Basketball Historian

Mirco is a former basketball player and club president for many years. His passion for basketball and more specifically for the 7th art, gave him the opportunity to become a member of the committee of the International Federation of Cinema and Sports Television. He also participated in several cinema festivals He was part of the jury at the International Film Festival of Hanoi (Vietnam) and even president of the jury at the International Film Festival of Matera (Italy)

Mirco is a great collector. He holds the world's largest basketball-related collection in the cinema, with his extensive collection he has organized more than 20 exhibitions in the world of basketball. With his expertise in the field he is, founding member of the International FilaBasket Society (philately)

He made several donations to the archives for the cultural heritage of FIBA / IBF.


FX Rougeot

A native of Rouen, Normandy, Fx Rougeot, 33, is a photo-reporter, particularly on sport and music.
Since his debut in journalism in Rouen in 2002, he has worked for newspapers and magazines in La Reunion, Canada, Luxembourg and Guadeloupe. Passionate for basketball, he also writes for the specialized basketball magazine Reverse.
In January 2014 he created the website United Ballers, motivates by the desire to shows the "anonymous basketball" that he met for several years on the playgrounds of the globe (Japan, Cape Verde, Senegal, Philippines, Caribbean ...), and share his shots of the most surprising terrains.
This website tells through photographic reports and stories, the passion of players, their journey, their daily lives, their dreams. What does basketball mean in their lives? Who gave birth to this desire to play? Through each portrait and interview, the confidences become more personal, revealing real human journeys.
It was during his trip to the Philippines in October 2016, during which he wanted to capture the passion for basketball for United Ballers, that he realized the cliché of a child having fun at basketball in the rain, photo awarded by the 3rd prize in the photo contest organized in 2017 by FIBA.



Freelance Photographer since 1999 based in Switzerland.

Four time official Olympic Games photographer, Richard covered all sports and International Olympic Committee events, in Torino, Beijing, Vancouver and most recently in London. He also captured the future great Olympians at the first two Youth Olympic games in Singapore and Innsbruck as per the request of the IOC. In addition to the Games, Richard often receives requests to work for the International Sport Federations and is regularly commissioned by newspapers from around the world.

Since 2006, his multi-facetted talent and experience led Richard to work for several Non Government Organisations (NGOs) and other private institutions. Through NGO client, Krousar Thmey, he depicted the daily life of street children in Cambodia. Richard reported on the life amputees in Bosnia and he has also captured the full impact of nature’s disasters; the tsunami in Indonesia and the earthquake in Haiti.

June 2018

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