HAITI. Ouest. Port-au-Prince. July 2004.
A group of guys are playing a basket match at a park of the centre of Port-au-Prince. The investments in education and sports are basic to keep young people away from drugs and violence.
Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere and it is paralyzed because of corruption, violence, pollution and poverty.
Since its independency took place, 200 years ago, economy and politics have been marked by foreign interference. Last February a coup d’état led and operated by USA overthrew Jean-Pierre Aristide, who was the first President democratically elected and who got the support of most of the population in two occasions.
The result is a country that has lost its sense of direction, a country controlled by armed gangs that impose their laws. Robberies, kidnappings and murders have increased in the streets of Port-au-Prince where there are no policemen or means to keep order.
The first country where slavery was abolished remains nowadays being slave of injustice.