General conditions of participation


To fulfill its cultural and sporting ambition, the FIBA Foundation, whose role is to preserve and promote FIBA values and its cultural heritage, has decided to organize the FIBA photo contest.


The Contest will be a unique opportunity for all keen photographers and basketball lovers to show their talents. As a participant in the contest, you need to send to the FIBA Foundation, your best photos in link with the theme chosen by the FIBA Foundation. The best photos selected by the jury will be exhibited temporarily at the House of Basketball Patrick Baumann, in the FIBA world headquarters in Mies (Switzerland).

The chosen theme is as followed:


The submitted photos need to represent, in a digital format, this theme and its link with basketball.


  1. The Contest is open to everyone regardless of age, nationality and country of residence. Participants under 18 years of age are responsible for ensuring that their submission is in compliance with the legal requirements of their country. Minors are deemed to have received their parents’ or legal guardian’s prior approval for their participation in this Contest. The approval must be joined to the registration.
  2. Participation in the Contest is free of charge.
  3. Collaborators of the FIBA Foundation, and of FIBA are excluded from participation in the Contest.
  4. The Contest is open from February 1st , 2022 until June 30th at midnight (GMT/UTC). After this date and time, submissions will no longer be taken into consideration.


  1. Photos must be taken by the participant himself/herself and be personal creations. They cannot be presented in the name of a third party.
  2. Pictures must be in connection with the themes chosen by the FIBA Foundation.
  3. Each participant can submit a maximum of three (3) pictures regardless of the theme. Participants will be deemed to have officially entered the Contest upon submission of at least one picture.
  4. Drawings, illustrations, computer-made or assisted pictures are not permitted. The only alterations permitted is the modification of certain parameters (Saturation, contrast, sharpness, temperature of colours, balance of whites and colours) as well as eliminating noise.
  5. Mandatory elements for the pictures:
    • Format: JPEG/JPG format.
    • Minimum size: 4MB.
    • Maximum size: 20MB.
    • Minimum number of pixels: 5 million.
    • Description (date, place and small description).
    • No text or description on the photo.
  6. Pictures cannot be submitted by regular post or any other postage/mail services. All submissions must be uploaded electronically through the website specifically dedicated to the Contest
  7. Photos that are not linked to the theme will be excluded from the Contest and the participant’s entry will be removed. The same will happen to photos containing inappropriate content (such as, but not limited to, violence, racism or pornography). Photos containing promotional or commercial content will not be accepted.
  8. The Participant will receive confirmation of his/her submission upon uploading the first photo.
  9. With their submission, participants warrant that their photos do not take elements of other existing creations, infringe any third-party rights or any other rights protected by law (copyright, trademark law, right to one’s image, right to privacy, etc.).
  10. The participant is responsible for the photos submitted and he/she guaranties the FIBA Foundation against all action or appeal that may be brought by third parties for infringement of their rights. The FIBA Foundation reserves the right to take legal action against participants for any damage suffered as a result of a breach of the foregoing undertakings. In case of doubt, the FIBA Foundation reserves the right to exclude any photograph from the Contest without justification.
  11. By their participations, participants grant the rights of their photographs to the FIBA Foundation/FIBA. They explicitly authorise the FIBA Foundation/FIBA to use, exploit, reproduce or transfer their photos freely, for the development of Basketball. The FIBA Foundation/FIBA can thus freely dispose of the photos, in particular for promotional purposes, without the participants being able to claim any compensation. Participants agree that their photos will be exhibited at the House of Basketball, the world headquarters of FIBA.
  12. Participants must ensure that the photos submitted do not infringe privacy or personal rights without obtaining the authorization of the person represented. In the event that a representation is deemed to be contrary to these terms, the participant will be excluded from the contest.


  1. A jury will select the best photographs to be exhibited at the House of Basketball, the world headquarters of FIBA.
  2. The FIBA Foundation jury will reward the authors of the one hundred (100) best photographs as well as the most popular photograph, with the following prizes:
    • 1st Prize: Photographic equipment valued in 3.000 CHF. Publication in FIBA Photo Book 2022.
    • 2nd Prize: Photographic equipment valued in 1.500 CHF. Publication in FIBA Photo Book 2022.
    • 3rd Prize: Photographic equipment valued in 1.000 CHF. Publication in FIBA Photo Book 2022.
    • The best 100 photos will be published in FIBA Photo Book 2022.
  3. The best photos selected by the judges, will need to fill out a form with technical information of the photo. This will be sent directly by email.
  4. The FIBA Foundation reserves the right to replace prices at any time with similar prices of the same objective value and to exclude participants at its own discretion. This applies in particular to any attempt to manipulate or violate these General Conditions of Participation. Any decision regarding the award of prizes will be final, without appeal or review.
  5. The winners will be announced on June 2022 on the contest website as well as on the FIBA website. They will also be informed personally by e-mail by the FIBA Foundation.
  6. FIBA reserves the right to contact the winning Participants by telephone or other methods in order to confirm the Participant’s contact details.


  1. What data do we collect?
    If you register for our “Photo Contest 2022”, we will collect the information to be provided by you in the registration form.
  2. How will your data be used?
    Data collected through the registration to our “Photo Contest 2022” service will be used for the purpose of the contest and communicated attached to your picture when used by the FIBA Foundation or FIBA. You can withdraw your consent at any time without providing reasons. For this you can send an email to
  3. Transfers to third parties:
    FIBA Foundation  will only transfer your personal data to FIBA if you have given your express consent to do so. FIBA will process this data only for the purposes cited above.
  4. How long do we keep your data?
    By subscribing to the “Photo Contest 2022”, we will keep our data as long as we store your picture in our database. You can withdraw your consent to participate to the contest at any time and, should you wish to ensure that your data is removed from the database, please contact us at
  5. Your rights:
    You are entitled at any time to obtain information about what data we have stored concerning you, the purpose for which it was stored, and, as the case may be, the right to correct, restrict the processing, object to the processing, enable the portability of, or delete this data. If you have any questions about how we collect, process or use your personal data, want to enquire about, correct, block, delete your data, or withdraw your consent, please contact us directly by email to You may also submit a complaint to the responsible data protection supervisory authority.
  6. Contact:
    Should you have any questions or comments on our Privacy Policy for “Photo Contest 2022”, please do not hesitate to contact


  1. The FIBA Foundation is not responsible for any problems or damage suffered by the participant such as computer network problems, computer virus infection, or unauthorized access to computers that may lead to loss of data.
  2. The FIBA Foundation  reserves the right to revoke winner status and/or revoke any awarded prize in the event that a Participant is found to be unsuitable or ineligible after the prize is awarded. FIBA Foundation is solely responsible for the validation of pictures uploaded on the Website and may refuse to add any picture which does not satisfy these terms and conditions
  3. The FIBA Foundation is legally constituted under Swiss law and accordingly, any dispute which may arise in connection with the Contest and which cannot be settled amicably will be referred to the Courts of Lausanne, Switzerland and will be settled in accordance with Swiss law, excluding its rules of conflict of laws.
  4. At the time of entering the Contest, entrants have read, understood and agree with these terms and conditions, knowing that the IBF reserves the right to decide on any matter not covered in this document.
  5. In the event that a Participant should disagree with any decision made by FIBA, that Participant will have the right to withdraw his or her entry. All related expenses incurred shall be borne solely by the Participant.