Located in Mies, Switzerland, the Patrick Baumann House of Basketball shelters the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

Inaugurated in 2013 according to the plans of the architect Luscher, the very shape of this building symbolizes a hand.



All the elements of the Patrick Baumann – House of Basketball come together to remind us of our sport. Basketball is the master of its kingdom as shown by the floor made of wooden planks and the white metal structure of the building in the form of a net.


Far from being closed to the public, the Patrick Baumann – House of Basketball is a place destined to all basketball lovers and to all those who want to discover more. Indeed, a unique basketball exhibition retraces the history and the evolution of this sport from its creation in 1891 to our days in a space dedicated to it.

An exciting journey, from the genesis of basketball to its gradual advent in the sporting world.



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